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NKS NewsFlash 60

April 24, 2015


NKS risk assessment and preparedness seminar (1st announcement)

NKS would like to announce a joint NKS-R and NKS-B seminar, which will take place in Stockholm on the 12th and 13th of January 2016. The spotlight will be on our current and future Nordic nuclear risk assessment and preparedness. The seminar will follow up on the progress since the NKS Fukushima seminar in 2013, and feature the newest results of Nordic research and development.

Other upcoming Seminars


Workshop Potential of numerical methods to supplement empirical earthquake observations

8th May 2015, Room Aari, Tekniikantie 1, Espoo, Finland


The goal of the workshop is to identify and share relevant Nordic data for use in numerical modeling of earthquakes in Fennoscandia.


Significant hazard to a site in Fennoscandia is generated from mid-magnitude seismic event with epicenter localized in the proximity. Earthquake source modeling can be used to understand vibrations in areas close to the earthquake epicenters; but source modeling in stable continental region has limited research background. Different modeling techniques were used for modeling fault stresses/rupture in glaciation scenarios (Lund & Schmidt, 2011) and earthquakes Fälth et al (2014). Uncertainty in such complex models is significant. Measured data from earthquakes and/or explosions can be used to calibrate models. This type of data being rare, the goal of the Workshop is to identify and share relevant Nordic data for the purpose.

Please register to the meeting at:


Seminar on internal dosimetry: exercise and course for enhanced ability

18-19 May 2015, SSM, Solna Strandväg 96, Solna, Sweden


The NKS activity Internal Dosimetry Exercise for enhanced Abilities ( aims to provide Nordic stakeholders with the opportunity of enhancing their competence within internal dose calculations and the software IMBA. The activity consists of two parts: a short course and an exercise. The scenarios for the exercise part will be distributed after the course. Those who want to participate in this part will then work with the scenarios and report their results during early autumn. It will be possible to take part in the scenario exercise also for those that did not attend the course. More information about this part will be given after the course.

Meeting topics

The course will be held at SSM in Stockholm, May 18th and 19th, starting Day 1 at 13.00 and ending Day 2 at 16.30. Due to a limited budget, the participants have to make their own travel and hotel arrangements. Coffee/tea and light refreshments during the breaks will be included. SSM is placed in Solna strand, an industrial suburb of Stockholm that is reachable in 15 min by subway from the city center. Information about hotels is attached. Those who are interested to participate in the course are welcome to register by mail to no later than May 10th.

During Day 1, Prof. Hans Doerfel from Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe will cover the general principles for a structured evaluation of internal doses including issues such as handling of backgrounds, uncertainties and data below detection limits. The procedures for performing simple assessments with the appropriate set of tables and a hand calculator will be also addressed in Day 1.

Prof. Mats Isaksson from University of Gothenburg will focus on the software IMBA in Day 2. Practical hands-on examples of calculations with IMBA will be included and the participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops with IMBA installed. In addition some computers will be available at the venue. In case you bring your own laptop, please send information about your version of IMBA when you register.


Workshop on nuclear icebreaker traffic and transport of radioactive materials along the Nordic coastline: response systems and cooperation to handle accidents

September 2015, FRAM, Hjalmar Johansens gate 14, 9296 Tromsø, Norway

Relevant authorities and other organisations from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland are invited to a 2-days workshop in Tromsø, Norway in order to discuss:

  • Existing emergency preparedness systems in case of accidents along the Nordic coastline with the involvement of nuclear icebreakers, radwastes and spent nuclear fuel;
  • Possible scenarios and capabilities in each countries (resources, mobile services, decision support systems, models, etc.);
  • Notification procedures;
  • Interactions between countries.

The overall objective is to improve knowledge on existing systems and capabilities in each country and to discuss interaction and procedures between countries in case of accidents.

Target group: all the relevant state authorities and organisations from Nordic countries responsible for emergency preparedness, monitoring and radiation protection in case of accidents in the marine environment with the involvement of radioactive substances.


The NORCOP-COAST Workshop will be hosted by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) in cooperation with Swedish Radiation safety Authority (SSM) and Geislavarnir Rikisins in Iceland.

For further information on the NORCOP-COAST activity, contact: Anna Nalbandyan, Senior Research Scientist, Dep. of Nuclear Safety and Environmental Radioactivity, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Section High North, Tromsø, Tel.: +47 77750163, E-mail:,,

New Publications

The following NKS-R reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.


Feb 2015

Pia Oedewald, Ann Britt Skjerve, Christer Axelsson, Kaupo Viitanen, Rossella Bisio: Human performance tools in nuclear power plant maintenance activities - Final report of HUMAX project


View document


Feb 2015

Mattias Thuvander: Nordic Nuclear Forum for Generation IV Reactors 2014


View document


Feb 2015

Stefan Authén, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Tero Tyrväinen, Lisa Zamani: Guidelines for reliability analysis of digital systems in PSA context — Final report


View document


Mar 2015

Eitrheim, M. H. R., Holmgren, L., Savioja, P., Hildebrandt, M.: Measuring Procedure Competence. Final Report from the NKS-R(14)112/13


View document


April 2015

Lauri Pyy, Joonas Telkkä: PIV Measurements of DCC-06 and DCC-07 PPOOLEX Experiments


View document


April 2015

Jani Laine, Markku Puustinen, Antti Räsänen: PPOOLEX Experiments with a Sparger


View document

The following NKS-B reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.


Jan 2015

Halldórssón Ó., Iosjpe M., Isaksson M., Joensen H.P., Jonsson G., Logemann K., Roos P., Suolanen V., Thomas R., Vartti V.-P.: Effects of dynamic behaviour of Nordic marine environment to radioecological assessments


View document


Jan 2015

Xiaolin Hou, Mattias Olsson, Kaisa Vaaramaa, Sofie Englund, Olof Gottfridsson, Martin Forsström, Laura Togneri: Progress on Standardization of Radioanalytical Methods for determination of important radionuclides for environmental assessment and waste management in Nordic nuclear industry


View document


Feb 2015

Magnus Gårdestig, Roy Pöllänen, Thomas Bandur Aleksandersen: SemUnaRS – Seminar on Unmanned Radiometric Systems


View document


April 2015

K. Breddam, X. Hou, M. Koufakis, H. Natvig, C. Nielsen, P. Roos: Characterisation of NORM Contaminated Objects: Reliable & Efficient: Interim Report for the NKS-B CONCORE activity 2014


View document


April 2015

Jixin Qiao, Iisa Outola, Petra Lagerkvist, Rajdeep Singh Sidhu, Kai Xu, Sofia Josson, Pia Vesterbacka, Stina Holmgren, Kaisa Vaaramaa: Application of Rapid and Automated Techniques in Radiochemical Analysis


View document

NKS Young Scientist Travel Assistance

A reminder that NKS offers travel assistance for young scientists wishing to attend NKS-R and NKS-B events as well as related non-NKS events that are held within the Nordic countries. More information on how to apply for travel assistance can be seen on the NKS web site here ( for NKS-R related events, and here ( for NKS-B related events.

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