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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-331
Report Title:SemUnaRS – Seminar on Unmanned Radiometric Systems
Activity Acronym:SEMUNARS
Authors:Magnus Gårdestig, Roy Pöllänen, Thomas Bandur Aleksandersen,
Abstract:There are several scenarios related to ionizing radiation or the release of radioactive materials where the use of unmanned vehicles certainly reduce the risk of receiving high doses to the personnel performing measurements. Other advantages are low costs of the equipment, operation, maintenance and services. The seminar on unmanned radiometric systems was held in October 2014. The seminar was dedicated to presentations on the status of unmanned mobile measurement capacities in the Nordic countries. An introduction to the topic of unmanned measurements covered some examples on systems of unmanned aerial, rotary and fixed wing, systems as well as ground based systems. A short description was given on the work of ERNCIP. Linköping University presented their considerations on their ongoing development of unmanned gamma-ray spectrometry systems and presented their rotary wing and fixed wing platforms developed by Claes Meijer. STUK presented their experience to develop radiation monitoring instrumentation to unmanned aerial vehicles. A set of radiation detectors and a sampling unit was mounted to a mid-size Ranger military UAV. A lightweight sampler and a gamma-ray detector was installed to a small-size fixed-wing UAV. Extensive tests were done for both set of instruments. On the second day of the seminar there was time scheduled for open discussions on the way forward for Nordic collaborations regarding unmanned mobile measurements. The seminar revealed that the Nordic capacities of unmanned mobile measurements are diverse, but no country has a system operating today. Each country have different strategies on how to meet this demand; university research, military collaboration or procuring turn-key systems. There is a need for continued and concerted activities to strengthen the Nordic knowledge and capacities in the field of unmanned mobile measurements.
Keywords:Unmanned mobile measurements, UAS, UAV, air sampling, emergency preparedness
Publication date:23 Febr 2015
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-412-3
Number of downloads:7597
Download:pdf NKS-331.pdf
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