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NKS NewsFlash 51

September 16, 2013


Upcoming Seminars



Reliability analysis of digital systems in PSA context

26 November, 2013, VTT Digitalo, Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo, Finland

In 2007, the OECD/NEA CSNI directed the Working Group on Risk Assessment (WGRisk) to set up a task group (TG) to coordinate an activity on digital instrumentation and control (DIC) system risk. One of the recommendations was to develop a taxonomy of hardware and software failure modes of digital components for the purpose of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA). A new WGRisk TG was set up in 2010 to develop best practice guidelines on failure modes taxonomy for reliability assessment of digital I&C systems for PSA. This activity is supported by a parallel Nordic research project financed by NKS, Nordic PSA Group and the Finnish nuclear safety research programme SAFIR. The project will develop a technically sound and feasible failure mode taxonomy and best practice guidelines on the use of the taxonomy in modelling, data collection and quantification of digital I&C system reliability. In 2013, one of the focus areas has been the software reliability quantification.

In the NKS-R DIGREL seminar, results of the DIGREL task will be presented to the Nordic end users (experts from other countries are welcomed as well). Previous years’ work has been published in the NKS report series NKS-230, NKS-261, NKS-277.

Please, register to the meetings by e-mail to (phone +358 40 7760841) or (phone +358 40 827 665) by November 8, 2013.

The seminar is open to any person who is interested in the topic.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is the closest airport to VTT located in Espoo. Each participant is responsible for his/her own hotel bookings. More detailed travelling information can be asked from Tero Tyrväinen.


Draft Agenda

08:30 Coffee, registration
09:00 Opening of the seminar
09:15 Status of NKS/NPSAG DIGREL project, overview of the activities
WGRISK TG DIGREL, failure modes taxonomy report
Experiments with the Nordic example PSA model
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Software reliability quantification
Software reliability quantification, continued
15:00 Discussion, conclusions of the seminar
16:30 Adjourn


New Publications


The following NKS-R reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.



July 2013

S. Tietze, C. Ekberg, T. Kärkelä, A. Auvinen, U. Tapper, J. Jokiniemi: Adsorption and revaporisation studies of thin iodine oxide and CsI aerosol deposits from containment surface materials in LWRs


View document




July 2013

Eveliina Takasuo, Tuomo Kinnunen, Stefan Holmström, Taru Lehtikuusi:COOLOCE debris bed experiments and simulations investigating the coolability of cylindrical beds with different materials and flow modes


View document


NKS- 287

August 2013


Pavel Kudinov, Alexander Konovalenko, Dmitry Grishchenko, Sergey Yakush, Simone Basso, Nazar Lubchenko, Aram Karbojian: Investigation of debris bed formation, spreading and coolability



View document



August 2013

Sachin Thakre, Weimin Ma, Pavel Kudinov, Sevostian Bechta: Study on Effective Particle Diameters and Coolability of Particulate Beds Packed with Irregular Multi-size Particles


View document




August 2013

Sachin Thakre, Weimin Ma: Simulations of Ex-vessel Fuel Coolant Interactions in a Nordic BWR using MC3D Code



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The following NKS-B reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.



Sept. 2013

Xiaolin Hou (ed.): Abstract Book of the NKS Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry, Risø, Roskilde, Denmark, 2-6th September 2013



View document


Sept. 2013

Jens Havskov Sørensen, Bjarne Amstrup, Henrik Feddersen, Ulrik Smith Korsholm, Jerzy Bartnicki, Inger-Lise Frogner, Heiko Klein, Alvaro Valdebenito, Peter Wind, Viel Ødegaard, Bent Lauritzen, Steen Cordt Hoe, Jonas Lindgren: Meteorological Uncertainty of atmospheric Dispersion model results (MUD)


View document



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