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NKS-R and NKS-B Joint Summary Seminar, Armémuseum, Stockholm 26–27 March 2009

Session 1:

NKS-R AutoNewTech – Jonas Andersson (Chalmers University of Technology)

The usefulness of automation - a human factors view of control room operator work


NKS-R MOSACA – Teemu Reiman (VTT)

Safety culture - dimensions and evaluation


NKS-B BIODOS/BIOPEX - Carita Lindholm (STUK)

Biodosimetry application in emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness exercise for biological dosimetry


Session 2:

NKS-R StratRev – Johan Westin (Vattenfall Research and Development)

Stratification issues in the primary system


NKS-R POOL – Timo Pättikangas (VTT)

Experiments and modeling of pressure suppression pools


NKS-B REIN - Lavrans Skuterud (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)

Regional differences in reindeer radiocaesium contamination


NKS-B GAPRAD - Justin Brown (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)

Filling knowledge gaps in radiation protection methodologies for non-human biota


Session 3:

NKS-R NROI – Christian Ekberg (Chalmers University of Technology)

Radiolytic oxidation of iodine in containment conditions


NKS-R ExCoolSE – Pavel Kudinov (Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan)

Ex-vessel coolability and energetics of steam explosions in BWR


NKS-B SPECIATION - Xiaolin Hou (Risø-DTU)

Speciation analysis of radionuclides in the environment


NKS-B HOT - Brit Salbu (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

Radioactive particles in a Nordic context


Session 4:

NKS-R Werisk – Grigory Nikulin (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)

Climate extremes in changing climate


NKS-R PODRIS – Kaisa Simola (VTT)

Importance of inspection reliability assumptions on piping failure probability estimates


NKS-B NORDRISK - Bent Lauritzen (Risø-DTU)

Nuclear risk from atmospheric dispersion in Northern Europe


NKS-B PardNor - Kasper Andersson (Risø-DTU)

Parameters for ingestion dose models for Nordic areas


Session 5:

NKS-R WASCO – Paolo Fantoni (IFE OECD Halden Reactor Project)

Wire system ageing assessment and condition monitoring


NKS-R IACIP – Makoto Tsuiki (IFE OECD Halden Reactor Project)

Improving Accuracy of the Calculation of In-core Power Distributions for Light Water Reactors - Verification of the Method for a PWR at BOL, Hot-Standby


NKS-B GammaRate - Linda Persson (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)

Safe use of Portable gamma radiation ratemeters for environmental monitoring


NKS-B REMSPEC - Mark Dowdall (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)

Analysis of remotely accrued complex gamma ray spectra – proficiency test


Session 6:

NKS-R SafetyGoal – Michael Knochenhauer (Relcon Scandpower)

Probabilistic Safety Goals for Nuclear Power Plants


NKS-R RiskEval – Ola Bäckström (Relcon Scandpower)

Interpretation and Risk Evaluation of Technical Specification Conditions


NKS-B URBHAND - Kasper Andersson (Risø-DTU)

Decision support handbook for remediation of contaminated inhabited areas


JSS_NKS-B LUCIA - Synnöve Sundell-Bergman (Vattenfall Power Consultant)

Assessing the impact of releases of radionuclides into sewage systems in urban environment - simulation, modelling and experimental studies

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