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NKS NewsLetter 18

January 2, 2013


NKS-R Call for Proposals 2013

10 proposals for NKS-R activities were received before the deadline on October 15th. Of these, 5 were applications for continuation of ongoing activities and 3 applications were considered as cross-over activities between NKS-R and NKS-B programmes.

The numbers of proposals submitted under the NKS-R areas of interest are as follows: 

Area of Interest

No. of Proposals

Total budget for proposals under area of interest

Risk Analysis


1390 kDKK

Organisation and safety Culture


1160 kDKK

Thermal Hydraulics


1032 kDKK

Severe Accident


   500 kDKK



   200 kDKK

The total amount requested was 4282 kDKK from an expected budget of 3500 kDKK.


NKS-B Call for Proposals 2013

8 proposals for NKS-B activities were received before the deadline on October 15th. Of these, 3 were applications for continuation of ongoing activities.  None of the proposals submitted for the NKS-B CfP were cross-over proposals.

The numbers of proposals submitted under the NKS-B areas of interest are as follows: 

Area of Interest

No. of Proposals

Total budget for proposals under area of interest

Emergency preparedness


719 kDKK

Measurement technology and strategy


965 kDKK

Radioecological assessments


880 kDKK

Waste and discharges


    0 kDKK

The total amount requested was 2564 kDKK from an expected budget of 3500 kDKK. 

It should be noted that the 3 proposals submitted as NKS-R with the ‘cross-over’ flag raised in total request a funding of 950 kDKK, and since these were submitted as NKS-R proposals, they are in the above two tables included fully in the NKS-R budgets, and not in the NKS-B budgets.  However, ‘cross-over’ activities are traditionally co-financed by the two programmes.


Recent Seminars


Seminar on failure modes taxonomies for the reliability analysis of digital I&C systems

6th November 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

The seminar included presentations of the WGRisk (Working Group on Risk assessment) Task Group, DIGREL, which develops best practice guidelines on failure modes taxonomy for reliability assessment of DIC (digital instrumentation and control) systems for PSA. The seminar was continued with a 3-day meeting of the task group members working with the guidelines documents.

The seminar program and proceedings can be downloaded from here. Contact person for the DIGREL activity is Jan-Erik Holmberg.


NKS-R Nordic-Gen4

4th Nordic Seminar on Generation IV Nuclear Reactors

29-31 of October 2012, Risø, Denmark

The seminar brought together researchers from academia and industry working within the different disciplines of nuclear technologies, related to the development of the next generation of nuclear power reactors.

The main topics covered were: 

  • Generation IV reactor concepts
  • Structural materials and fuel cladding
  • Reactor physics, dynamics and diagnostics
  • Core design and fuels
  • Experimental facilities and instrumentation
  • Reactor safety
  • Radioactive waste and environmental aspects

 Visit the seminar website for program and presentations: Futher information on the Nordic-Gen4 network contact Dr. Rudi Van Nieuwenhove.


NKS-B GammaWorkshops

A series of linked workshops on gamma spectrometry, following up issues identified at the two GammaSem seminars, held in 2009 and 2010, and the GammaWorkshop in 2011.

11-12 September 2012, Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, Iceland

The aim of the GammaWorkshops was to enable Nordic users to address common problems in gamma spectrometry, through a series of lectures and practical exercises in addition to sharing their experience with others in a similar position.  The workshop was attended by 37 persons from 20 organisations in the Nordic and other European countries. Most of the persons were young scientists who work with gamma spectrometry. The main topics covered were: 

  • Lessons learned from Fukushima including work on real spectra
  • In-situ gamma spectrometry, theory and practice
  • Alternative types of detectors
  • Background components in gamma spectra
  • User experience with new techniques

Contact persons for the NKS-B GammaWorkshops activity are Elisabeth Strålberg and Sigurður Emil Pálsson



A seminar and a workshop on mobile measurement systems

22-23 May 2012, Clarion Hotel Bastion, Oslo, Norway

The seminar had 23 participants from 11 institutions from all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).  The seminar was divided in 3 sessions: 

  • Session 1 was dedicated to presentations on the status of mobile measurement capacities in the Nordic countries.  All countries gave presentations on available instrumentation and capabilities in the field of gamma spectrometry.  Invited manufacturers of mobile detection systems presented their latest developments.
  • Session 2 was a presentation by Prof. Tyler from the University of Stirling on developments in gamma ray spectrometry, with focus on in situ measurements.  This included a comparison of soil sample analysis, in-situ and airborne gamma spectrometry performed in Scotland.
  • Session 3 was held in two groups, focusing on data exchange and measurement strategies, to establish common ground for data exchange and to see if measurement strategies could be harmonised within the Nordic countries.

The presentations from the seminar are available on, but password protected on request from the participants.

The workshop was held on the 22-23 September in Revingehed, Sweden, in connection with the Swedish REFOX exercise.  The meeting took place on the 22 September, with participants from NRPA, DEMA and IRSA.  On the 23 September, a practical MOMS activity was held, where participants carried out an exercise with one fallout spot (provided by the University of Lund) and three mixed gamma, one beta, and one neutron source. 

For further information on the NKS-B MOMS activity contact the activity leader Johannes Nilssen.


New Publications

The following NKS-R reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link. 


June 2012

Hua Li, Walter Villanueva, Pavel Kudinov: Effective Momentum and Heat Flux Models for Simulation of Stratification and Mixing in a Large Pool of Water


View document


September 2012

Michael Knochenhauer, Vidar Hedtjärn Swaling, Per Alfheim: Using Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) Modelling for Rapid Source Term Prediction - RASTEP Phase 1


View document


December 2012

Rudi Van Nieuwenhove, Bent Lauritzen, Erik Nonbøl: Nordic Forum for Generation IV Reactors, Status and activities in 2012


View document


December 2012

S. Tietze, T. Kärkelä, M.R.StJ. Foreman, C. Ekberg, A. Auvinen, U. Tapper, S. Lamminmäki, J. Jokiniemi: Adsorption and revaporisation studies on iodine oxide aerosols deposited on containment surface materials in LWR


View document



The following NKS-B reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link. 


June 2012

Klas Rosén, José-Luis Gutiérrez Villanueva, Synnöve Sundell-Bergman, Dina Solatie, Eila Kostiainen, Tuukka Turtiainen, Per Roos, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Lavrans Skuterud, Håvard Thørring, Lindis Skipperud, Jelena Mrdakovic Popic: Natural Radionuclides in Meadow and Pasture land in the Nordic countries


View document


November 2012

Ole Reistad, Styrkaar Hustveit, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Steen Hoe, Juhani Lahtinen: A Nordic Approach to Impact Assessment of Accidents with Nuclear-Propelled Vessels


View document


December 2012

Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Tone D. Bergan, Brenda J. Howard, Tarja Ikäheimonen, Mats Isaksson, Sven P. Nielsen, Jussi Paatero: New simple deposition model based on reassessment of global fallout data 1954 – 1976


View document


December 2012

M. Dowdall, A. Mattila, H. Ramebäck, H.K. Aage, S.E. Pálsson: Gamma Spectrometric Discrimination of Special Nuclear Materials


View document

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