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NKS NewsFlash 54

February 18, 2014


Upcoming Seminars



Seminar on Unmanned Radiometry Systems


2-3 October 2014, Linköping, Sweden


Linköping University, STUK, NRPA and NKS invites you to participate in the Seminar on Unmanned Radiometric Systems – SemUnaRS

Objective:The objective of this seminar is to present and discuss the progress of the Nordic use of unmanned platforms for radiation detection. This start-up seminar is an effort to build an inventory of the Nordic capacity of radiation surveillance equipment using unmanned vehicles and an initiative to build informal Nordic networks within the topic in question.

Envisaged topics for presentations and discussions are: Unmanned platforms, Detectors, Air sampling using unmanned systems, Envisaged applications/scenarios for unmanned radiometry, Methods and strategies, Calibration/validation, Demonstrations, Joint exercises and Future Nordic collaboration.

Background: The use of unmanned systems in radiation detection is an area in which no joint Nordic activities have been established. The technology of unmanned systems has now developed to the point of readiness which enables their exploitation in different safety- and security-related applications.

Please register to the seminar and submit abstracts via email to (phone +46 (0)10 103 1775) by September 8th. The seminar is limited to 45 participants. 

The conference will take place at Stiftsgården Vårdnäs (, close to Linköping, Sweden.

Accommodation is arranged at the conference site for ca. 100 euros/night, single room. Participation in the seminar is free of charge; coffee, lunch and dinner are included. More detailed travel information can be provided upon request by contacting Magnus Gårdestig.

NKS-B Young Scientist Travel Assistance applies.

Abstracts and presentations together with conclusions and future proposals will be compiled to a NKS report.



New Publications


The following NKS-R reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.



Feb. 2014

Niels-Kristian Mark: NKS-R Decommissioning Seminar 2013


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Feb. 2014

Pia Oedewald, Ann Britt Skjerve, Christer Axelsson, Kaupo Viitanen, Elina Pietikäinen, Teemu Reiman: The expected and experienced benefits of Human performance tools in nuclear power plant maintenance activities - Intermediate report of HUMAX project


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NKS- 301

Feb. 2014


Luigi Macchi, Nadezhda Gotcheva, Håkan Alm, Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Elina Pietikäinen, Pia Oedewald, Mikael Wahlström, Marja Liinasuo, Paula Savioja: Improving design processes in the nuclear domain. Insights on organisational challenges from safety culture and resilience engineering perspectives


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The following NKS-B reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.



Jan. 2014

Mikhail Iosjpe, Mats Isaksson, Hans Pauli Joensen, Juhani Lahtinen, Kai Logemann, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Per Roos, Vesa Suolanen, Vesa-Pekka Vartti: Consequences of severe radioactive releases to Nordic Marine environment



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Jan. 2014

Sigurður Emil Pálsson (editor), Lynn Hubbard, Robert Finck, Karl Östlund, Øyvind Gjølme Selnæs, Hannele Aaltonen, Kresten Breddam, Per Reppenhagen Grim, Morten Helge Hansen: Nordic sharing of experience from radiation emergency preparedness exercises

NordEx-12 / EmSem

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NKS- 298

Feb. 2014


Asser Nyander Poulsen, Bjorn Lind, Lilián del Risco Norrlid, Mats Isaksson, Óskar Halldórsson Holm, Jussi Huikari: Assessment of accidental uptake of iodine-131 in emergency situations


View document



NKS Young Scientist Travel Assistance


A reminder that NKS offers travel assistance for young scientists wishing to attend NKS-R and NKS-B events as well as related non-NKS events that are held within the Nordic countries. More information on how to apply for travel assistance can be seen on the NKS web site here ( for NKS-R related events, and here ( for NKS-B related events.

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