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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-297
Report Title:Nordic sharing of experience from radiation emergency preparedness exercises
Activity Acronym:NordEx-12 / EmSem
Authors:Sigurður Emil Pálsson (editor), Lynn Hubbard, Robert Finck, Karl Östlund, Øyvind Gjølme Selnæs, Hannele Aaltonen, Kresten Breddam, Per Reppenhagen Grim, Morten Helge Hansen,
Abstract:The Nordic countries have for a long time had close cooperation in the field of radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness. In recent years there has been more emphasis on cooperating with other authorities, not only first responders but also e.g. those responsible for law enforcement (police). With exercises becoming more realistic and complex, they require more resources and everything cannot be tested. This is where Nordic cooperation can be useful, cooperating in developing and conducting exercises and sharing results from national exercises, especially where some specific issues of relevance for the other Nordic countries have been tested. This report describes results from the NKS NordEx-12 activity, to cooperate and share experience from Nordic radiological and nuclear emergency resonse exercises. Summary descriptions of exercises shared are given, various details were presented at meetings of the Nordic radiation safety authorities contact group on emergency preparedness, the so called NEP group. The NEP group later took over the organisistion of sharing lessons learned from exercises and developing exercise cooperation further. The planning and lessons learned from such exercises often need to be confidential in part and thus not suitable for NKS reporting. With this work taken over by the Nordic authorities themselves within the NEP framework, the NKS NordEx-12 had served its purpose and was not needed anymore. The other main factor in the NordEx-12/EmSem work was to prepare the Nordic participation in the Swedish REFOX-12 exercise, to facilitate cooperation between the countries and arrange a seminar to discuss the results, lessons learned and possible development of new NKS activities. The EmSem seminar was held in Stockholm in August 2013 with generous support from Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority will be publishing its own report on the exercise and the part of the seminar directly associated with it. This report focusses therefore on presentations and lessons learned that are not directly connected to the REFOX exercise.
Keywords:Radioactivity, exercise, nuclear, radiological
Publication date:28 Jan 2014
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-373-7
Number of downloads:2894
Download:pdf NKS-297.pdf
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