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NKS News Flash 56

May 8th, 2014


Seminar on Assessment of Accidental Uptake of Radioiodine in Emergency Situations

Autumn 2014


A Nordic seminar will be held to analyse and discuss the results of the NKS-THYROID activity, which produced a Nordic regional inventory of measurement capabilities for determination of (mock) I-131 in thyroids. Many organisations calibrated their instruments with known and fully traceable activity of I-131 in neck phantoms of three different sizes, according to age. The seminar will also discuss data from questionnaires and feature invited speakers. More details will be available soon. For further information, please contact the activity leaders, Asser Poulsen ( and Henrik Roed (


New Publications


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Mar 2014

Stefan Authén, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Linda Lanner, Tero Tyrväinen: Guidelines forreliability analysis of digital systems in PSA context — Phase 4 Status Report



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Mar 2014

Andrew Wallin Caldwell, Anders Olsson, Malin Nordqvist, Gunnar Johanson, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Carl Sunde, Ilkka Karanta: Addressing off-site consequence criteria using Level 3 PSA — Phase 1 Status Report


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Mar 2014

Ola Bäckström, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Mariana Jockenhövel-Barttfeld, Markus Porthin, Andre Taurines: Software reliability analysis for PSA


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Mar 2014

Kent Bladh, Jörgen Frohm, Tobias Iseland, Anders Karlsson, Günter Becker, Lasse Tunturivuori, Markus Porthin, Anders Olsson, Jörg Böhm, Gunnar Johanson, Sandra Jonsson: Evaluation of Existing Applications and Guidance on Methods for HRA – EXAM-HRA - Phase 3a Summary Report


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The following NKS-B report is available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.



April  2014

Philip Holm, Kari Peräjärvi, Harri Toivonen, Jonas Nilsson, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Óskar Halldórsson Holm, Torbjörn Nilssen, Johannes Nilssen, Antonin Vacheret, Simon Brown, Geraint Dermody, Giovanna Davatz, David Murer, Petteri Mehtälä, Mikko Ranta: Novel neutron detection methods for nuclear security


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