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NKS Seminar on the Fukushima accident and perspectives for nordic reactor safety and emergency preparedness


Tuesday, January 8:

Opening session: The Fukushima accident and international perspectives

(Chair: Sigurður Magnússon, GR/NKS, Co-chair Fredrik Hassel, SSM)

The TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi accident: events, consequences and lessons so far identified from the nuclear safety perspective

(Speaker: Tero Varjoranta, General Director of STUK)


Issues identified from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP vis-à-vis the ICRP system of radiological protection

(Speaker: Abel González, Vice Chair of ICRP) 


Fukushima lessons and the UNSCEAR project

(Speaker: Wolfgang Weiss, Chair of UNSCEAR)


 Lessons learned and implications for further harmonisation in Europe from a regulatory perspective (Speaker: André-Claude Lacoste, President of ASN)

Session I: Fukushima accident – Nordic emergency response (Chairman: Eldri Holo, NRPA)


Nordic assessments, considerations and response

(Speaker: Kaare Ulbak, SIS)


The Finnish iodine prophylaxis approach applied during the TEPCO Fukushima Dai-Ichi accident

(Speaker: Hannele Aaltonen, STUK)


Iodine prophylaxis approach in Sweden and follow-up study on Swedish citizens in Japan

(Speaker: Lynn Hubbard, SSM)

Discussion with emphasis on iodine prophylaxis


Experience of use of CTBTO data

(Speaker: Sigurður Emil Pálsson, GR)


Recovery phase – Norwegian experience and relevance for Japanese and vice versa

(Speaker: Astrid Liland, NRPA)

Wednesday, January 9:

Session II: Fukushima accident – implications for nuclear safety (Chairman: Lennart Carlsson, SSM)


What happened to nuclear safety work/focus in Europe after Fukushima? (Speaker: Petteri Tiippana, STUK)


Nordic nuclear power follow-up in Finland (Speaker: Tomi Routamo, STUK)


Nordic nuclear power follow-up in Sweden (Speaker: Jan Hanberg, SSM)


Fortum’s actions to Loviisa NPP due to Fukushima accident: early own initiatives, national requirements, EU stress test and future (Speaker: Mika Harti, Loviisa)


Utilities follow-up in Sweden (Early own initiatives, national requirements, EU stress test, future) (Speaker: Magnus Reinsjö, Vattenfall)


Stress test of Norwegian nuclear facilities (Speaker: Atle Valseth, IFE)


Perspectives on nuclear safety from a Nordic non-nuclear country (Speaker: Carsten Israelson, DEMA)

Session III: Way forward – assessments and communication – learning from the past (Chairman:  Jens-Peter Lynov, DTU)


Learning from the Fukushima accident and 22 July 2011 in Oslo (Speaker: Ole Harbitz, NRPA)


Considerations on the adequacy of Nordic capabilities for early detection of emergencies (Speaker: Kaj Vesterbacka, STUK)


Technical assessments (I) - source term and residual dose estimation – improving the assessments (Speaker: Wiktor Frid, SSM)


Technical assessments (II) - source term and residual dose estimation – improving the assessments (Speaker: Steen Hoe, DEMA)


Fukushima accident - communication with the public (Speaker: Eldri Holo, NRPA)

Session IV: Concluding session: The future for Nordic nuclear safety and emergency preparedness (Chairman: Jorma Aurela, TEM)


How can the Nordic countries improve emergency response and cooperation at home and abroad? (Speaker: Kresten Breddam, SIS)


How can the Nordic countries improve cooperation on nuclear safety? (Speaker: Lennart Carlsson, SSM)


Possible contributions from NKS-R (Speaker: Kaisu Leino, Fortum/NKS)


Possible contributions from NKS-B (Speaker: Kasper G. Andersson, DTU/NKS)


Conclusion of seminar – final remarks (Speaker: Sigurður Magnússon, GR/NKS)

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