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NKS-B FOOD workshop

Nordic workshop for authorities, organisations and institutions responsible for late phase countermeasures and safe food production in nuclear emergencies

Losby Gods, Norway

14-15 April, 2010


The purpose of the workshop was to share national practice and experience on the use of different tools (handbooks, late phase models etc.) during a crisis with focus on operational implementation and use, interpretation and verification of results and production of decision basis. The main goal was to establish a common ground to better understand how these are used in the different countries, identify differences and exchange knowledge to increase competence. Second goal was to gather stakeholders and authorities with interest or responsibility for countermeasures against radioactive contamination of food products to share experience in different topics as:

  • Cooperation among stakeholders and organisations responsible for food safety in each country
  • Adaptation of the Euranos handbook "Countermeasures for the management of food production systems" to national conditions and implementation of the handbook in each country
  • Establishing a Nordic network for food authorities and radiation protection authorities responsible for food safety with respect to radioactivity

There were 23 participants representing all the Nordic countries. Some of the speakers present were Klas Rosèn (SLU), Kasper Andersson (RISØ), representatives from the Nordic food authorities and Ministries, representatives from the radiation protection authorities and one speaker from the food industry.


Concluding remarks from the workshop:

Tight and continuous cooperation between decision support system developers, radiation protection authorities and food authorities are necessary to succeed in an emergency situation. Systems for involving of stakeholders and food producers in decision making are essential. A Nordic cooperation will also contribute to harmonisation of the countermeasure strategies in food production in emergency situations. The workshop agreed that a Nordic network of representatives from the food- and radiation protection authorities will make an application to NKS for a new project on implementation of the Euranos handbook "Countermeasures for the management of food production systems" in the next program period.


Pdfs of all the presentations made at this workshop can be downloaded here.


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