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NKS-B FOOD workshop 14–15 April 2010

Session 1: General radiation protection, radioecology and scenarios for long-term consequences 

Ionisation Radiation and effects on the organism

Stig Husin, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority


Transfer of radioactive substances and countermeasures in the field of agriculture

Klas Rosén, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Soaking foodstuff with lye as a counter measurement to reduce radiocaesium, potassium and polonium

Elis Holm, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority


Accident at Sellafield - consequences for Norwegian food production

Martin Ytre-Eide, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority


Session 2: Responsible authorities for food countermeasures and food monitoring in the Nordic countries - presentations from all countries

Cooperation between Finnish Food Safety Authority and Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in serious radiation situations

Ulla Karlström, Finnish Food Safety Authority


Iceland's response plan for countermeasures in the food production in serious radiation situations

Óskar Halldórsson, Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority


Long term countermeasures and emergency preparedness in Norway

Cècile Blom, Norwegian Food Safety Authority


A brief overview of the responsibility of the Swedish National Food Administration, its organisation, network, management of contamination from nuclear accidents

Kettil Svensson, Swedish Food Authority


Session 3: Tools for handling food countermeasures

ARGOS / RODOS Food countermeasure tools

Stein Hoe, Danish Emergency Management Agency


ECOSYS and the NKS-B PardNor activity

Kasper Andersson, Risø DTU


Monitoring strategy in an emergency situation

Torbjörn Nylèn, Swedish Defence Research Agency


EURANOS handbook "Countermeasures for the management of food production"

Eila Kostiainen, STUK


Session 4: Stakeholder involvement in food management

The food industry as a stakeholder in managing food countermeasures after a nuclear accident

Carol Birgersson


EURANOS pilot study on stakeholder involvement in late phase countermeasures in food production

Inger Margrethe H. Eikelmann, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority


Session 5: Nordic network for food authorities - harmonisation of food countermeasures

Importance of good coordination between national authorities in nuclear emergencies

Lisbeth Brynildsen, Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services


The "Hygiene package" and regulation of radionuclide intervention levels

Halvard Kvamsdal, Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services

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