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On challenges and opportunities for improving nuclear decommissioning in HRP and Nordic countries

6-7 December 2018, Hotel Scandic Lillehammer, Norway


This workshop was organised within the OECD Halden Reactor Project (OECD-HRP) and the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research Forum (NKS-R NORDEC). The workshop aimed at bringing together a multidisciplinary group representing the professional community working on implementation and oversight of decommissioning for discussing opportunities and challenges for improving nuclear decommissioning in HRP member and Nordic countries. Special focus was on bringing stakeholder organisations closer together through digitally enhanced innovative concepts. This workshop also hosted the first meeting of a nuclear decommissioning advisory group to be launched by the OECD-HRP programme.

Examples for specific subjects addressed by the group:

  • Collaborative development of guidance for practical application of regulation.

  • Application of advanced information systems for demonstrating regulatory compliance.

  • Joint development of case studies with digital support concepts.

  • Establishing and testing digital experience based training methods.

  • Joint development of e-Learning material for nuclear decommissioning.

  • Interfacing big contractors with the regulators through digital safety demonstration methods.

  • Collaborative testing of new decommissioning technologies using digital twins.

3-5 December: Within the series on “Digitalisation for nuclear decommissioning” an international workshop on "Application of advanced plant information systems for nuclear decommissioning and life-cycle management" was held ( at the same venue, providing the opportunity for interested participants to attend both events (see also:

Organising committee:

Chairman: I. Szöke, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway

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