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NKS and the Nordic Perspective – Present Work and Future Plans

NKS Status Seminar

May 10-11,  2006, Otnäs, Finland.  


On the seminar the results of the last four years of NKS work will be presented and discussed, and future plans outlined. Both the NKS-R program (reactor safety including decommissioning and radioactive waste) and NKS-B program (emergency preparedness and radioecology) ) are included. The seminar is open to anyone who wants to get an update on Nordic nuclear safety research, follow the evaluations of the achievements so far, and participate in developing future activities.

Among the participants will be NKS owners, other financiers, board members, end users, and persons directly involved in the various activities.

Young scientists in this field are especially encouraged to participate.

The seminar offers a creative forum for networking and dissemination of information as well as debate on the usefuleness of this form of Nordic cooperation; applicability of the results; and trends, needs and possibilities of future NKS work.

Language: Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish); possibly with some of the presentations and discussions in English.

Registration fee: DKK 900 (covers participation, two buffet lunches, conference dinner, and coffee/tea/refreshments). The seminar is sponsored by NKS.

Contact person: Torkel Bennerstedt
For details: see here

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