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On Site risk analysis for nuclear power plants
17 January 2019, Sundbyberg, Sweden

Location: Lloyds Register Consulting, Landsvägen 50 A, Sundbyberg, Sweden
Host: Xuhong He, Ola Bäckström

NKS-R project SITRON (SITe Risk Of Nuclear installations) has been working in 2017–18 to develop an approach for site risk analysis applicable to current Nordic nuclear power plants. The project partners are Risk Pilot AB, Lloyds Register Consulting, VTT Ltd., and IFE Halden. The work has been co-financed by SAFIR2018 (The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2015–2018), Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB, Ringhals AB, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), and Nordic nuclear safety research (NKS).

The aim of the workshop was to present the results of the project.

The seminar was open to any person interested in the topic.


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