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Seminar on Unmanned Radiometry Systems

2-3 October 2014, Linköping, Sweden


Linköping University, STUK, NRPA and NKS arranged a Seminar on Unmanned Radiometric Systems – SemUnaRS



The objective of this seminar was to present and discuss the progress of the Nordic use of unmanned platforms for radiation detection. This start-up seminar was an effort to build an inventory of the Nordic capacity of radiation surveillance equipment using unmanned vehicles and an initiative to build informal Nordic networks within the topic in question.


Topics for presentations and discussions included: Unmanned platforms, Detectors, Air sampling using unmanned systems, Envisaged applications/scenarios for unmanned radiometry, Methods and strategies, Calibration/validation, Demonstrations, Joint exercises and Future Nordic collaboration.



The use of unmanned systems in radiation detection is an area in which no joint Nordic activities have previously been established. The technology of unmanned systems has now developed to the point of readiness which enables their exploitation in different safety- and security-related applications.


The activity leader was (phone +46 (0)10 103 1775).


The conference took place at Stiftsgården Vårdnäs (, close to Linköping, Sweden.



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