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NKS-B RadWorkshop

Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry for Radioecology and Waste Management


Roskilde, Risø-DTU, Denmark

16-20 November 2009


This workshop was organised by the Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, DTU, Denmark; University of Helsinki, Finland; Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway; Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; and Lund University, Sweden.


32 participants took part in this workshop; 8 from Denmark, 7 from Norway, 4 from Finland, 9 from Sweden and 3 from Lithuania and 1 from Ireland, with 15 invited speakers.


The objectives of this workshop were:

1) To provide the participants with an overview of the radiochemical analytical methods for the determination of various radionuclides (mainly beta and alpha emitting) relevant to environmental radioactivity and waste management

2) To provide an opportunity to the participants getting knowledge and practical (hands-on) experience of state-of-the-art measurement techniques used for the determination of different radionuclides by participating in practical training in the laboratory (experimental demonstration and analysis of real samples)

3) To provide a forum for knowledge exchange of radioanalysis of various radionuclides and discussion of present radiochemical procedures for the individual radionuclides.


The workshop included both invited lectures and presentations of the participants as well as laboratory training/practice in one of the following areas:

1) Radiochemcial separation of 90Sr, 210Po, 226Ra and γ- and α-spectrometry measurement

2) Radiochemcial separation of 99Tc, Pu isotopes and ICP-MS measurement

3) Radiochemcial separation of 3H, 14C, 55Fe, 63Ni, and LSC measurement.


Topics for the lectures included:

1) General aspects in radiochemical analysis for radionuclide

2) Separation techniques for determination of radionculides

3) Radiochemical separation methods of various radionuclides including isotopes of Pu, U,  Th, and Ra, 237Np, 241Am, 210Po, 210Pb, 99Tc, 90Sr, 137Cs, 3H, 14C, 36Cl, 41Ca 55Fe, 63Ni, and 129I.

4) Sampling and pre-concentration techniques for environmental radioactivity analysis

5) Radiometric analytical techniques including γ- and α-spectrometry, beta counting with Ultra-low level background G-M counter, and Liquid Scintillation counting.

6) Mass spectrometric and other techniques for long-lived radionuclides including ICP-MS, AMS, RIMS, neutron activation analysis.

7) Automated and rapid analytical technique for radionuclides.

8) Techniques for speciation analysis of radionuclides


Pdfs of all the presentations made at this seminar can be downloaded here.



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