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NKS-B MareNuc

Nordic workshop for authorities, organisations and institutions relevant for assessing health and environmental consequences of accidents and incidents involving nuclear-propelled vessels and floating power reactors


25-26 of August 2011, Reykjavik, Iceland


There is no well–defined system for classification of accidents associated with naval reactors in general as for civilian power plants. For civilian facilities of similar size, the reference accident used as a basis for further analysis varies between a Design Basis Accident describing complete and partial meltdown followed by water/ aluminium interaction and loss of mitigating systems. Considering the fact that neighbouring countries may soon embark upon construction of a new generation of naval reactors, there is a need to systemize the approach for assessing possible consequences of accidents in relation to these installations. Floating power reactors also involve new safety challenges that need to be discussed.


This second workshop with 16 participants followed the earlier workshop in October 2010. Results from the first workshop were discussed in the larger context of plans for further construction of new types of vessels, areas of operations and types of facilities. 


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