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NKS-B Forest seminar

7-8 October, 2008, Helsinki, Finland


Four organisations from Norway (IFE), Sweden (FOI) and Finland (STUK, METLA) jointly organised an NKS-B seminar titled ‘Towards improved understanding of radionuclide transfer in forests and preparedness to handle contaminated forests’. The aim of the seminar was to provide a forum for exchange of information, discussion on future research needs and networking of experts on forestry, forest research, and radioecology of forests. On both days roughly 30 participants followed oral presentations under five thematic sessions:


Session 1:     Radioecology and forest research – basis for preparedness to manage contaminated forests

Session 2:     Management of forests contaminated by radionuclides

Session 3:     Sampling in forests

Session 4:     Environmental impact of final disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste

Session 5:     Recent and ongoing studies on radionculides in forests


To support future collaboration and contacts of experts working in related fields, a proposal of an informal forest network was launched in the seminar. The network was activated two weeks later by sending an invitation to the participants (contact address to active and new members: The seminar will be summarised in an NKS-B report by the end of 2008.

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