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Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry for Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management


8-12 October 2018, DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark


Workshop Venue

The seminar took place at DTU Risø Campus---Located on the peninsula Risø in Roskilde Fjord 7 km north of the historic town of Roskilde and 40 km west of Copenhagen. (

The workshop consisted of two parts

8-10th October: Invited lectures and presentations from participants at Auditorium, building 112, Risø. A number of highly reputed experts from authorities, research institutes and nuclear industries were invited to give state-of-the art lectures in different aspects in nuclear decommissioning and waste management with the focus on radioanalytical chemistry.

11-12th October: Lab practice building 202 and 204, Risø. The lab training demonstrated the radiochemical analysis of alpha emitters (Pu-239, 240 and Am-241) and beta emitters (Fe-55, Ni-63) in nuclear decommissioning materials.


Workshop Objectives
The workshop aimed to strengthen the education of MSc/PhD students and young scientists and to increase competence of staff in the field of radiochemistry, with the focus on its application in nuclear decommissioning and waste management. The objectives of the workshop included: 1) Provide the participants with an overview of the nuclear decommissioning strategies and plans especially in Nordic countries, and the state-of-art of radio analytical methods developed and applied for nuclear decommissioning and challenges faced in the near future. 2) Provide an opportunity to the participants to get knowledge and practical experience in analytical experiment by participating the hands-on training in the laboratory. 3) Provide a forum to share knowledge, exchange experiences and explore solutions together overcome difficulties in analysis of various radionuclides with different approaches and techniques.


Topics of the workshop
1. International and national legislation on decommissioning, waste management and clearance of materials, buildings and land
2. Strategies, experience and challenges in decommissioning of nuclear facilities
3. Radiological characterization and radiochemical analysis 

    - Sampling technique and strategies
    - Radiological characterization methods
    - Principles of radiochemical analysis
    - Radiochemical methods for hard-to-measure radionuclides
    - Measurement techniques (alpha, beta, gamma, LSC, mass spectrometry)
    - Development of new techniques/materials

Workshop Organizers
DTU Nutech, Technical University of Denmark (Chair)

NRPA, Norwegian Radiation Protection Agency, Norway

STUK, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland

SSM, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden


Contact Person
Jixin Qiao (, 0045 21798724.



You can download the RadWorkshop 2018 flyer here: PDF.



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