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Intercomparison of Nordic unmanned aerial monitoring platforms


5-7 September 2016, Oslo, Norway


The NORDUM activity was held over three days: One day for preparation, one exercise day and one workshop day.


Due to lack of space on the exercise field and processes around permissions from Norwegian National Security Authority and Civil Aviation Authority, there was only room for a few observers.  


Participating Organisations:

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
Finnish Defence Research Agency FDRA
Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Oulu
Linköping University
Danish Emergency Management Agency

Overall Objective:

To test unmanned aerial platforms in use in the Nordic countries with respect to locating, identifying and estimating the activity of radioactive sources under field conditions.


Contact information:

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Kasra Tazmini, e-mail:

Finnish Defence Research Agency FDRA, Markku Kettunen, e-mail:

University of Oulu, Juha Röning, e-mail:

Linköping University,Magnus Gårdestig, e-mail:

Danish Emergency Management Agency,Jeppe Vöge Jensen, e-mail:




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