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Nordic Exercise for Unmanned Systems


31 October – 2 November 2017, Björka Exercise Field, Lund, Sweden


The purpose of the NEXUS exercise was to test unmanned aerial platforms in use in the Nordic countries with respect to locating, identifying and estimating the activity of radioactive sources under field conditions. Thereby acquire competence within the RN emergency preparedness and response organizations in the Nordic countries.


NEXUS focused on:

  • The use of fixed wing platforms that are beneficial in covering larger areas.
  • The use of unmanned measurements in urban environments.
  • Scenarios with contaminated areas in contrast to separate point sources.
  • Reports to reach back as decision support.


The Organizers:

Magnus Gårdestig (LiU),

Karl Östlund (LU)

Kasra Tazmini (NRPA)

Juha Roning (Oulu)

Jeppe Vöge Jensen (DEMA)

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