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Seminar on internal dosimetry: exercise and course for enhanced ability


18-19 May 2015, SSM, Solna Strandväg 96, Solna, Sweden



The NKS activity Internal Dosimetry Exercise for enhanced Abilities ( aimed to provide Nordic stakeholders with the opportunity of enhancing their competence within internal dose calculations and the software IMBA. The activity consisted of two parts: a short course and an exercise. The scenarios for the exercise part are distributed after the course. Participants in this part worked with the scenarios and reported their results later. It has been made possible to take part in the scenario exercise also for those that did not attend the course. More information about this part given after the course.


Meeting topics 

The course was held at SSM in Stockholm, May 18th and 19th, starting Day 1 at 13.00 and ending Day 2 at 16.30. Due to a limited budget, the participants had to make their own travel and hotel arrangements. Coffee/tea and light refreshments during the breaks were included. SSM is placed in Solna strand, an industrial suburb of Stockholm that is reachable in 15 min by subway from the city center. Information about hotels was attached. Contact person for registration was


During Day 1, Prof. Hans Doerfel from Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe covered the general principles for a structured evaluation of internal doses including issues such as handling of backgrounds, uncertainties and data below detection limits. The procedures for performing simple assessments with the appropriate set of tables and a hand calculator were also addressed in Day 1.


Prof. Mats Isaksson from University of Gothenburg focused on the software IMBA in Day 2. Practical hands-on examples of calculations with IMBA were included and the participants were encouraged to bring their own laptops with IMBA installed. In addition some computers were available at the venue.


About 20 persons attended the events on the 18-19 May.


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