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Seminar for users of gamma spectrometry


19-20 September 2017, DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark


The activity is relevant to gamma spectrometry practitioners in the Nordic countries covering intercomparison exercises as well as a seminar. The scope of the seminar will be broad allowing a range of topics in gamma spectrometry to be addressed from basic to advanced aspects in order to attract users with different backgrounds and needs in the field. Experts will be invited to give talks on selected topics and challenges in gamma spectrometry.  The intercomparison exercises include laboratory measurements of physical samples as well as analyses of exercise spectra with associated information.


The GammaWiki web site developed during previous NKS activities on gamma spectrometry will be used as a platform for information and planning on the intercomparison exercises and seminar.  (


The Organizers:

  • Anna Banel (IFE)
  • Trygve Bjerk (IFE)
  • Henrik Ramebäck (FOI)
  • Kjartan Guðnason (IRSA)
  • Roy Pöllänen (STUK)
  • Sven Nielsen (DTU)
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