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Activity name LESUN: Learning from Successes in Nuclear Power Plant Operation to Enhance Organisational Resilience
Project summary

LESUN project aims at improving nuclear safety by enhancing organisational learning from successful actions and decisions. The aim is to develop an operating experience method for capturing, analysing and communicating lessons learned based on successes. The idea is that by focusing on successful aspects of human and organisational performance (instead of studying only errors and failures) the learning potential, as well as the motivation for continuous safety improvement, will be significantly facilitated.

LESUN will be a two year activity. Case studies will be carried out at Ringhals and at Loviisa nuclear power plants. In 2015, we will analyse actual complex safety events to identify factors that promotes successful performance adaptation. The analysis will be based on a set of comparisons between similar task execution events in which performance adaptation resulted in failures and successes. The analysis will be based on document reviews, interviews and observations. Based on the empirical work and the review of theories concerning learning from successes, we will then develop a method for analysing successful aspects of human and organisational performance. The method will be tested and adjusted in 2016 at the plants. We aim at giving specific guidance on how to improve the operating experience practices, e.g. event investigations at the utilities.

Leader Organisation Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Contact Person

Ann Britt Skjerve

phone number: +47 4 551 41 72

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