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Call for Proposals


Call for Proposals 2024


The NKS invites proposals for activities to be partially supported (up to 50% of total cost) in 2024 from an expected budget of 3.0 million DKK. No specific priorities have been identified with this call, but proposals must address at least one of the research areas as described in the NKS-R framework document. Information regarding the NKS-R framework as well as instructions for applicants and application forms can be found via the links below. Please take the time to read the instructions to applicants carefully so it is clear to you what is expected from applicants by NKS in terms of information to be provided in the application form and the reporting of output from the activity. Please note that we have two different proposal forms this year: one for application for new activities, and one for application for continuation of running activities. For any additional information please contact the NKS-R Programme Coordinator Teemu Siiskonen (e-mail:


Framework for NKS-R


Handbook for NKS applicants and activity leaders


Instructions on use of proposal form


Proposal form for new activities:

docx nks_r_proposal_form_new_act_2024.docx (109 KB)


Proposal form for continuation of activities:

docx nks_r_proposal_form_cont_act_2024.docx (109 KB)


The time frame for the submission, evaluation and commencement of activities will be as follows:


1st September 2023
Call for Proposals is announced.


16th October 2023
Deadline for sending in proposals for activities.


Early January 2024

NKS Board meeting decides the NKS-R activity funding for 2024 based on the assessments of the evaluators and the proposal of the Programme Coordinator. Successful applicants will be contacted immediately after the decision of the NKS Board.


Nota bene: All fundings by NKS include possible VAT


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