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 Activity name  L3PSA - Addressing off-site consequence criteria using Level 3 PSA
 Project summary

 Through this study the group is furthering Nordic understanding of the potential for Level 3 PSA to determine the influences and impacts of off-site consequences, the effectiveness of off-site emergency response, and the potential contributions of improved upstream Level 1 and Level 2 PSAs. Level 3 PSA provides a tool to assess the risks to society posed by a nuclear plant, and could be integral in making objective decisions related to the off-site risks of nuclear facilities.


This project presents the continuation of the exploration of the field Level 3 PSA, that started in 2013. The  work for 2016 is a minor addition and will provide resources for the following:

  • The continuation of the international cooperation that started during the first 3 years
  • Articulate updates and provide interpretation to the many changes in the field
  • 1-day workshop involving all stakeholder and working group members.
 Lead organisation  Lloyd's Register Consulting, Sweden
 Contact person Andrew Wallin Caldwell,, +46 72 244 73 13


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