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Activity name DPSA: Deterministic-Probabilistic Safety Analysis Methodology
Project summary

The goals of this project are (i) to develop IDPSA (Integrated Deterministic Probabilistic Safety Analysis) approaches for scenarios where timing of the events, including PSA Level 1 and recovery actions, has significant effect on the results, and (ii) to develop methods for improving PSA and DSA using IDPSA generated data.


VTT, KTH and Lloyd´s Register Consulting (LRC, former Scandpower) organised workshops in 2011 and 2012 with world leading expertise within DSA, PSA and IDPSA. The outcomes of these workshops were a Research Agenda on deployment of IDPSA as complementary to DSA/PSA methodology and formation of a new IDPSA network. As it was discussed at the workshops IDPSA methods are capable in revealing potentially dangerous cliff-edge effects due to subtle time-dependent interactions and dependencies between deterministic and stochastic behaviours of the plant components, physical processes, control systems and operator actions.


The proposed NKS-DPSA project is a part of the effort on the deployment of IDPSA method with the ultimate goal of improvement of completeness and consistency in the PSA and DSA analyses. The project began in 2013 with pilot studies intended to review state of the art, carry out preliminary analysis, and to plan joint efforts by VTT, KTH and LRC on further development and application of integrated deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment tools.

Leader Organisation Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)
Contact Person

Pavel Kudinov

phone number: +46-8-5537-8826

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