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The NKS-R programme is focused on Nordic research in the area of reactor safety including organisational issues and decommissioning of nuclear installations. The following topics are covered:

  • Thermal hydraulics

  • Severe accidents

  • Reactor physics

  • Risk analysis & probabilistic methods

  • Organisational issues and safety culture

  • Decommissioning and management of reactor waste and spent fuel (excluding measurements)

  • Plant life management and extension

New NKS-R activities can be sought under annual call for proposals, with funding available for 1 year at a time. The amount of funding sought from NKS is expected to be matched by a similar amount of ‘in-kind’ contribution from the participating organisations. Proposals approved by the NKS Board will typically run from January to December. Proposals for NKS-R activities should include participation from at least three Nordic countries. In some cases, when the interest in the subject is restricted, two countries can be accepted.


NKS-R activities can be knowledge seeking and/or competence building and can take the form of research activities, test exercises or information collation/review exercises. Alternatively NKS-R activities can aim to harmonise approaches to common problems or spread and distribute knowledge and results through seminars, workshops and educational/training courses. Whatever the form of the planned activity, a final report will be required at the end of the year’s work which will then be published on the NKS website.


The objective of the NKS-R is to support Nordic work related to safety improvements, information exchange and networking, and education of new experts. The objectives and application processes of the NKS-R programme are described in the NKS-R framework document


For further information please contact NKS-R Programme Manager:

Teemu Siiskonen, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority – STUK.

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