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Travel assistance

NKS Young Scientist Travel Assistance


NKS would like to announce travel assistance for 'Young Scientists' wishing to:

  • Attend NKS-B events as well as related non-NKS events that are held within the Nordic countries. An event is typically a seminar, conference, workshop, course or an excercise. Project Work or participation in project meetings is normally not funded. Priority will be given to 'Young Scientists' making oral and/or poster presentations.
  • Attend a seminar, conference or a workshop held outside the Nordic countries. The additional criteria that then must be fulfilled is that the applicant gives an oral presentation of their Work within an NKS activity. The NKS logo has to be present on each side of the presentation.

Those wishing to claim travel assistance (for travelling to a Nordic country or to another country) must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be affiliated to an institution/organisation/university within a Nordic Country.
  • Applications will only be considered for 'Young Scientists'. In this context, those studying towards a masters degree or a PhD an those in their first 4 years of their professional career after obtaining an academic degree would be considered as 'Young scientists'. A priority will be given to those below the age of 35.

Priority will be given to 'Young Scientists' making oral and/or poster presentations. Applications should be in line with appropriate travel costs (maximum award per claim of 10 000 DKK; total claims for one calendar year should not exceed 12 000 DKK). Travel assistance claims may only cover actual travelling costs (i.e. flights, trains, buses or taxis), hotel accommodation and conference fees. The number of hotel days should be related to the length of the event. It is a prerequisite that the expenses are not reimbursed to the person in question or their employer through other financing sources. Please note that daily allowance rates will not be covered by NKS. 'Young Scientists' wishing to apply for travel assistance should first contact the NKS-B Programme Manager to determine their eligibility. Only after approval from the NKS-B Programme Manager will claims for travel assistance be accepted. All applicants for travel assistance will be asked to submit a form with their claim giving details of the seminar or meeting and travel costs along with receipts for all expenses incurred.


NKS-B Programme Manager Kasper G Andersson

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