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Activity name AmSpecNorDos: Am-241 spectral measurements for radiation protection and emergency preparedness calibrations in the Nordic countries
NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategies, technology and quality assurance
Project summary

This proposal concerns the measurement of Am-241 spectra at the standard metrology laboratories for ionizing radiation in the Nordic countries and the calculation of air kerma-to-dose-equivalent conversion coefficients. The purpose is to enable the laboratories to achieve compliance with the revised standard ISO 4037 during their irradiations for response testing and calibrations of dosemeters and doserate meters used for radiation protection and emergency preparedness. Calibration with Am-241 (60 keV) in addition to Cs-137 (662 keV) and Co-60 (1.17 and 1.33 MeV) allows end users of these instruments across the Nordics to make traceable measurements spanning the energy range from below 100 keV to above 1 MeV. Response testing with these radionuclides according to the requirements on dose (rate) and energy linearity from IEC 60846 allows end users to verify that their instruments can measure dose (rate) also in mixed fields within stated ranges.

Lead Organization Danish Health Authority (SIS), Denmark
Contact Person Peter Kaidin Frederiksen,
phone number: +45 4434 5474


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