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Activity name

RNSARCARDS: Operationalization of RAD and SAR cooperation in RN rescue operations (RNSARCARDS)

NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

In NKS-B 2021 RNSARBOOK, the "Nordic handbook for search and rescue in a maritime radiological/nuclear emergency" was developed. The number one next priority to follow up this work is to operationalize the cooperation between RAD and SAR authorities in radiological/nuclear maritime rescue operations. In RNSARCARDS this will be done through the mutual development of specific action cards for RN-SAR operations, to be used by SAR and RAD authorities at the operational level (i.e. SAR Mission Coordinators on duty and the RAD authorities providing advice). Also, the RNSARBOOK handbook will be used by SAR and RAD authorities during the live field exercise 1 (FSX-1) in the international Arctic Radiation Exercise in High North 2022 (Arctic Reihn 2022). In RNSARCARDS, we will evaluate and update the RNSAR handbook based on the experiences gained from the exercise.anual.

Lead Organization DSA
Contact Person

Øyvind Aas-Hansen: 

phone number: +47 67162618


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