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Activity name

REALMORC: Development and testing of improved methods to search and locate lost gamma radiation sources in real environs


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

Radioactive sources can get out of the authorities' control through accidents, theft, sabotage or acts of war against industrial, healthcare or research facilities where such sources are in use. Since 2016, the Nordic countries' radiation safety authorities have participated in NKS-supported research projects to develop methods in mobile gamma spectrometry to search for lost radiation sources. The method development has so far taken place in an "easy" environment with a near-constant natural background, and source geometries and shielding have been relatively uncomplicated. In the proposed REALMORC activity, further steps towards developing and testing methods for a more complex and near-real environment lie ahead. The proposed REALMORC activity encompasses varying backgrounds in larger geographical search areas and more complex shielding and irradiation geometries. The more complex situation needs improved analysis algorithms and software developed by Lund University. The Nordic teams will jointly test the methods in near realistic environments. The intention is also to combine statistical frequency analysis of measurement data with Bayesian inference to more quickly and reliably identify and determine the distance of radiation sources, shielding geometry and activity in realistic environments. The closely related principles for securing ("exempt") areas from radiation threats is another task in the concept.

Lead Organization Medical Physics, Dept. of Translational Medicine, Lund University, Sweden
Contact Person

Christopher Rääf:

Phone number: +46 40 331145


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