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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Plant life management and extension
Report Number:NKS-455
Report Title:Barsebäck as a Research and Development Platform, Extraction and Analysis of Service-aged and Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Material
Activity Acronym:BREDA 2021
Authors:Pål Efsing, Magnus Boåsen, Daniela Klein, Pentti Arffman, Noora Hytönen, Sebastian Lindqvist, Mattias Thuvander, Kristina Lindgren, Jenny Roudén,
Abstract:As part of the NKS-R program, VTT, Chalmers University of Technology and KTH have extended the mechanical and microstructural testing in order to analyze the as-aged material properties of the retired reactor pressure vessel, RPV, from Barsebäck unit 2. The current phase included Impact testing of material from the reactor pressure vessel and microstructural characterization of the weld metal using LOM, SEM and APT. Due to the nature of the work, the NKS-project is connected to a number of adjacent activities, including support from the Finnish Nuclear Safety Program, the SAFIR-program, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority SSM and Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology, SKC and Energiforsk.
Keywords:Low alloy steel, irradiation effects, fracture toughness, ductile to brittle transition temperature, constraint effects, high resolution microscopy, microstructural characterization
Publication date:28 Febr 2022
Number of downloads:814
Download:pdf NKS-455.pdf
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