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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Severe accidents
Report Number:NKS-312
Report Title:COOLOCE debris bed coolability experiments with an agglomerate
Activity Acronym:DECOSE
Authors:Eveliina Takasuo, Tuomo Kinnunen, Taru Lehtikuusi, Stefan Holmström,
Abstract:A series of debris bed coolability experiments, COOLOCE-11, with a cylindrical test bed and an agglomerate (cake) simulant has been conducted. The experimental set-up allows water infiltration through the sidewall of the cylinder but the top surface is impermeable due to a solid block which, in a realistic scenario, would consist of agglomerated debris particles. The pressure range investigated was 1-7 bar (absolute). Comparisons to previous experiments with cylindrical debris bed with different flow modes have been presented. The results suggest that the bed with both top and lateral flooding has the best coolability: the measured dryout heat flux (DHF) is 50-70% greater than the DHF of the test bed with top flooding only. Also, the test bed with the agglomerate simulant has better coolability than the top-flooded test bed, with 10-40% greater DHF. The results will be utilised in the validation and development work of simulation codes.
Keywords:severe accident, core debris, coolability, dryout heat flux, COOLOCE test facility
Publication date:17 Jun 2014
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-390-4
Number of downloads:1997
Download:pdf NKS-312.pdf
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