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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Organisation and safety culture
Report Number:NKS-37
Report Title:Gränsöverskridande kommunikation - Problem och lärdomar i kommunikationen över expertområden
Activity Acronym:SOS-1
Authors:Britt-Marie Drottz Sjöberg
Abstract:The report presents results from a project on communication involving nuclear safety personnel and members of the safety council and personnel in administrative positions within the community of Oskarshamn. Data were collected in discussions and by questionnaires. Totally 42 persons participated in the study. The aim of the project was to pinpoint problems in communication about safety issues and thus to facilitate a development of communication between groups and in the work on nuclear safety within the local community. A number of open ended questions were included in the questionnaire together with large number of rating tasks. The participants rated items, developed primarily in the group discussions, regarding information transmission, handling of difficult situations and what could be done to improve the communication situation. The results showed e.g. that communicative ability was best predicted by the index of “context uncertainty” in both groups, but that the groups differed with respect to the salience of other predictors. Thus, an index named “ability to synthesize” was a good predictor in the group of nuclear personnel, whereas human and structural aspects of information transmission, as well as the ability to reach across boundaries, were additional predictors in the group of Oskarshamn community personnel. The results thus showed that the participants viewed communication problems and solutions from the perspective of their own work perspective rather than as issues to be dealt with across different expert groups. The report underlines the necessity to regard contents of communicated messages as well as the framework to which they are related within the same context for an optimal adjustment to expectations, attitudes and requirements. Suggestions for future work included clarifications of which groups that are relevant for information and their specific interests, increased clarity regarding specific roles and information paths with respect to communicators, guidelines regarding what material should be given priority for effective reviews of important aspects of the safety work. It was furthermore suggested that training was used with respect to media presentations and that courses were given on how the media works, and that systematic work was invested into interpreting technical matters and terminology into common language.
Publication date:01 May 2001
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-089-8
Number of downloads:1860
Download:pdf NKS-37.pdf
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