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NKS NewsLetter 34

June 1, 2021


New Publications


The following NKS-R reports are available free of charge: Download by clicking the appropriate link.


Mar 2021

Janne Heikinheimo, Jussi Peltonen, Diogo Ribeiro Costa: Towards high-fidelity fuel pellet fracture modelling in current and new fuel designs


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Apr 2021

Tobias Bolinder, Alexander Eriksson, Jonas Faleskog, Magnus Boåsen, Sebastian Lindqvist, Veera Peltonen: WPS-MAF, Report on design and results from experimental test program for material characterization


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Apr 2021

Elisa Isotahdon, Vilma Ratia, Pauliina Rajala, Leena Carpén, Cem Örnek, Fan Zhang, Jinshan Pan: Corrosion of copper in sulphide containing environment: the role and properties of sulphide films – Annual report 2020


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