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NKS NewsFlash 109

May 4, 2022


Nordic Nuclear Safety: Research, Operations and Beyond


Joint NKS-R and NKS-B Seminar, Finlandshuset, Stockholm, 24-25 May 2022 (5th announcement)


NKS proudly announces the upcoming joint NKS-R and NKS-B seminar, which is scheduled to start at 12:30 on the 24th of May and end at 15:40 on the 25th of May 2022.  After two years with corona turbulence, we are very happy to be able to host this seminar with full physical attendance.  Come and help us define the future in Nordic nuclear safety!


Registration is still open at


The seminar objectives will be broad and focus on the current status in Nordic nuclear safety, and also look at the extent to which scientific problem solutions have been implemented operationally.  In a world of constant changes we have to keep on our toes, and as demonstrated in the past, NKS can quickly address new challenges. The presentations will be given by representatives of consortia in recent NKS projects and by internationally renowned invited speakers covering a wide range of interesting and highly relevant topics.


The opening lectures will be given by Jacques Lochard (Professor at Nagasaki University, former ICRP vice-chair), and Roger Coates (former IRPA president).


The topical sessions will relate to nuclear power plant accident sources, accident response and radioecology (including NORM), power plant management and extension, reactors and risk assessment, and decommissioning and waste management. 


The seminar will provide an overview of how far the Nordic nuclear safety work has evolved, and what is missing for example in integrating the results in an operational response to current and emerging challenges. In the longer perspective, ideas and thoughts for future work and follow up from, e.g., industries, authorities, expert communities and NKS should be the outcome of the seminar.


We cordially invite you to come and take part in the discussions. 


The seminar program is available at the NKS website (


To register for this seminar, please go to the main NKS web page 

There is no registration fee.


NKS encourages participants – particularly young scientists – to present a poster at the seminar.  There will be dedicated poster viewing sessions on both days, including an oral poster session where poster presenters will also have the opportunity to give a short oral presentation (about 2-3 min.) of their poster. 


NKS would like to warmly thank the Seminar Advisory Group for all their good work on the seminar program.  They are:  Kaisu Leino (Fortum, Finland), Emma Palm (SSM, Sweden), Tanya Hevrøy (DSA, Norway), Kjartan Guðnason (IRSA, Iceland), Jens Havskov Sørensen (DMI, Denmark), Finn Physant (FRIT, Denmark / NKS), Ari Leppänen (STUK, Finland / NKS) and Kasper Andersson (DTU, Denmark / NKS).




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