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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, Technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-352
Report Title:Advanced In-situ Gamma Spectrometry Field Activity – Chernobyl (GAMFAC)
Activity Acronym:GAMFAC
Authors:M. Dowdall, Yu. Bondar, P. Fristrup, K. Guðnason, M. Granström, A. Hedman, C. Israelson, G. Jónsson, S. Kjerulf, S. Juul Krogh, A. Mauring, B. Moller, A. Tyler, A. Varley, V. Zabrotski,
Abstract:The GAMFAC activity provided an opportunity for the testing of equipment, procedures and personnel in conducting in-situ measurements in areas of high contamination with complex confounding factors. The activity was conducted within the confines of the Belarusian Exclusion Zone during the autumn of 2015 in collaboration with the Polessie State Radiation Ecology Reserve (PSRER) who administer the Belarusian Exclusion Zone. Five teams from the Nordic countries utilising a range of in-situ measurement equipment spent 5 days making a series of measurements at a number of pre-selected and pre-characterised sites varying in terms of contamination density, topography, pedological properties etc. Detailed information was available as to contamination density, depth distribution, soil characteristics etc. A wide range of equipment was available for the activity ranging from small CDZnTe detectors to larger detectors of conventional materials including HPGe and NaI/LaBr. A range of calibration methods had been used, in addition to a broad selection of procedures adopted by the teams during the activity. The use of common sites for the making of measurements by the teams facilitated intercomparison of methods and equipment while he availability of detailed laboratory measurements allowed for optimal adjustment of equipment and analysis parameters. The GAMFAC report presents a background to and overview of the activity. Detailed descriptions of equipment and procedures are included as well as detailed analysis of results.
Keywords:In-situ gamma ray spectrometry, Belarus, Chernobyl, Exclusion Zone.
Publication date:25 Nov 2015
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-436-9
Number of downloads:4470
Download:pdf NKS-352.pdf
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