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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Severe accidents
Report Number:NKS-344
Report Title:Analysing Steam Explosions with MC3D
Activity Acronym:DECOSE
Authors:Magnus Strandberg,
Abstract:MC3D is a simulation software developed to analyse steam explosions. In this report the software is presented in outline. MC3D is then used to simulate two steam explosion experiments, and the results are presented. The first of the simulations is a simple fitting test, to establish a starting point for more complex cases. The second simulation is performed also as a fitting test and in addition as a base for a sensitivity analysis. In the sensitivity analysis the effect of three input parameters, melt temperature, triggering time and ambient pressure, is varied to see how changes in these affect the results. Out of these, changing the triggering time had the largest impact on the steam explosion occurrence and strength. The experiments chosen for simulation were performed as part of the OECD/NEA SERENA program and were run at the TROI research facility. The report also contains a brief description of the OECD/NEA SERENA program, and a more detailed description of the two test facilities used in the program, KROTOS and TROI. An automated simulation script was developed to speed up the simulation process. The new method also reduces the possibility of human error and makes it possible to queue up simulations.
Keywords:steam explosion, fuel-coolant interaction, MC3D, TROI experiments
Publication date:02 Jul 2015
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-426-0
Number of downloads:2669
Download:pdf NKS-344.pdf
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