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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Organisational issues and safety culture
Report Number:NKS-482
Report Title:Internal nuclear safety oversight as part of organizational defence-in-depth – Lessons learned for the Nordic nuclear industry - Intermediate report from the NKS-R INSOLE activity
Activity Acronym:INSOLE
Authors:Kaupo Viitanen, Teemu Reiman, Sami Karadeniz, Merja Airola, Fredrik Jakobsson, Carin Sylvander, Sara Lind,
Abstract:The NKS-R INSOLE activity aimed to contribute to the development of inde-pendent internal nuclear safety oversight functions at Nordic nuclear power plants. This intermediate report describes the findings from the first year of implementing the activity. Five organizational failures in safety-critical industries where deficiencies in oversight were one of the contributing causes were examined to identify les-sons learned for Nordic INSO. Examples of INSO practices were reviewed in the global nuclear industry. The INSO functions have been introduced in different times and due to differ-ent reasons, and under different labels. Their goals included ensuring nucle-ar safety and excellence, independently challenging the line organization, and providing information to senior management and board of directors. Preparations for Nordic INSO case studies were described. This involved the identification of Finnish and Swedish cultural characteristics, overview of the respective regulatory frameworks, and areas of interest for the Nordic INSO. Finally, a draft version of the independent nuclear safety oversight framework was developed and used to guide data collection and analysis. It contains four overall dimensions (system perspective, context, management and or-ganizing, and outcome), several subcategories for each dimension, and ex-ample questions for each subcategory, which can be utilized, for example, in self-assessments of the INSO function, guiding the self-improvement of the INSO function, and external evaluation of the INSO function.
Keywords:independent oversight, internal oversight, nuclear safety, INSO
Publication date:31 Jan 2024
Number of downloads:416
Download:pdf NKS-482.pdf
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