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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency Preparedness
Report Number:NKS-480
Report Title:Technical Challenges in Metrological Response to a Nuclear Detonation (TEMEDET)
Activity Acronym:TEMEDET
Authors:Mark Dowdall, Henrik Ramebäck, Valtteri Suorsa, Mats Eriksson, Gísli Jónsson, Henrik Roed, Kari Peräjärvi, Mikko Voutilainen,
Abstract:Current developments have increased focus on the use of nuclear weapons and it is imperative that countries improve their capacity to respond to incidents within their borders and where assistance is requested by another state. The TEMEDET activity addresses technical challenges posed in responding to the detonation of a nuclear device. Measurement of contamination is fundamental in response to any event involving nuclear or radioactive material. In many countries, “response” and the metrological approaches involved have been developed within the context of nuclear accidents in the conventional sense or dispersal of limited suites of isotopes (dispersal devices etc). Nuclear detonations generate suites of isotopes that are, for many, outside of their experience and that can present challenges. TEMEDET addresses some aspects of this problem and aims to provide a means of practicing metrological response to a nuclear detonation through the development of a series of gamma spectrometric data sets of the type that may be generated in responding to a nuclear incident that will reflect the complexities involved in nuclear detonations.
Keywords:Gamma spectrometry, nuclear weapons, fallout
Publication date:15 Dec 2023
Number of downloads:340
Download:pdf NKS-480.pdf
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