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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency Preparedness
Report Number:NKS-476
Report Title:COMBMORC - Combined analysis of primary and scattered components in mobile gamma spectrometric data for detection of materials out of regulatory control, NKS-B COMBMORC Report 2022
Activity Acronym:COMBMORC
Authors:Christopher L. Rääf (chair), Robert R. Finck (co-chair), Vikas C. Baranwal, Marius-Catalin Dinca, Jon Drefvelin, Charlotte Alfast Espensen, Kjartan Guðnason, Per Otto Hetland, Gísli Jónsson, Mattias Jönsson, Marie Lundgaard Davidsdóttir, Bredo Møller, Frode Ofstad, Jan Gert Olsen, Petri Smolander,
Abstract:The NKS-supported research project COMBMORC 2021-2022 aimed to de-velop combined methods within mobile gamma spectrometry to search for radiation sources that have come out of the authorities' control (Material Out of Regulatory Control, MORC). In 2022, mobile gamma spectrometry teams from the Nordic countries conducted a joint field experiment in southern Swe-den. The experiment was to test region-of-interest (ROI) based methods to determine ratios between detector recordings from Compton scattered and primary radiation along a road past a Cs-137 source to determine the dis-tance, shielding and activity of the source. The assessment used two newly developed Excel applications (SSC and SODAC). On average, the distance determination was underestimated by 20 ± 3 per cent at source-detector dis-tances of 30 - 90 m. The shield thickness determination was overestimated on average by 4 ± 9 per cent for building material thicknesses 0 - 330 kg/m2.
Keywords:Mobile gamma spectrometry, orphan sources, shielding
Publication date:11 Aug 2023
Number of downloads:349
Download:pdf NKS-476.pdf
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