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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Radioecology
Report Number:NKS-459
Report Title:Evaluation of the bioaccumulation processes for a wide set of radionuclides under accidental releases by biota
Activity Acronym:BIORAD
Authors:Iosjpe M., Isaksson M., Joensen H.P., Jonsson G., Suolanen V.,
Abstract:It was shown that it is impossible to use two approaches for the bioaccumulation process at the same time: (i) bioaccumulation based on the concentration rate approach and (ii) kinetic modelling of the bioaccumulation process. Simultaneous use of these two approaches provides a wrong description of the bioaccumulation process and concentration of radionuclides in biota, especially during the first period of exposure. In this connection, the evaluation of the kinetic parameters for bioaccumulation process for a wide set of radionuclides and biota has been provided. Preliminary evaluation of the kinetic parameters has been provided based on literature review and the extraction from existing databases. The selected kinetic parameters have been further improved based on mathematical experiments, including the successive simulations of bioaccumulation processes during increasing trophic levels. The sub-model with the modified kinetic parameters for bioaccumulation process has been used based on simulations from the compartmental model, which uses the non-instantaneous dispersion of radioactivity in the marine environment. The selected release scenario corresponds to a potential accident with nuclear submarine reactor in the Gulf of Finland. Concentrations of radionuclides in biota, doses to humans and dose rates to the marine organisms have been evaluated. The results of the present study can be used to improve the ability to evaluate the consequences to humans and biota after a radioactive release into marine environment. It was shown that the methodology, which was used in the present study allows to find a suitable set of kinetic parameters.
Keywords:Radionuclides, bioaccumulation, kinetic modelling, consequences to humans and biota
Publication date:12 May 2022
Number of downloads:549
Download:pdf NKS-459.pdf
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