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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, Technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-457
Report Title:DTM-Decom III - Intercomparison exercise in analysis of DTM beta and gamma emitters in spent ion exchange resin
Activity Acronym:DTM-Decom III
Authors:Anumaija Leskinen, Eric Dorval, Susanna Salminen-Paatero, Xiaolin Hou, Simon Jerome, Karl Andreas Jensen, Lindis Skipperud, Leena Vasara, Satu Rautio, Marie Bourgeaux-Goget, Joe Moussa, Solveig Stordal, Ingunn Isdahl, Celine Gautier, Emilie Baudat, Gabriel Lambrot, Margaux Giuliani, Christèle Colin, Elodie Laporte, Jacques Bubendorff, René Brennetot, Shu-Shih Wu, Yu Hsuan Ku, Wei Chi Wei, Yueh Ching Li, Qiao Ting Luo,
Abstract:An intercomparison exercise was carried out for difficult to measure beta radionuclides in spent ion exchange resin samples. The results were analysed according to the ISO 13528 standard. The performance assessment was carried out using z score. The report includes an overview of the radioanalytical procedures, preliminary and final results, and performance assessments.
Keywords:Decommissioning, Difficult-to-measure radionuclides, intercomparison exercise, spent ion exchange resin
Publication date:28 Mar 2022
Number of downloads:809
Download:pdf NKS-457.pdf
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