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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-442
Report Title:Intercomparison for separating Pu and Am from environmental samples by a joint radioanalytical method
Activity Acronym:RAD-MERDE
Authors:Susanna Salminen-Paatero, Veronika Meriläinen, Xiaolin Hou, Maria Kaipiainen, Kaisa Vaaramaa, Patric Lindahl, Satu Rautio, Satu Kangas, Santeri Jortikka, Leena Vasara,
Abstract:In a previous NKS project “OPTIMETHOD” (2018-2019), an optimised method was presented for separation of Pu, Am and Cm isotopes from NPP reactor water samples. This separation method was tested in an intercomparison organised in 2020 with two solid sample matrices, lichen sample and IAEA-384 reference material, for expanding its usability. The goal of the RAD-MERDE project was to provide an alternative, novel method to previously used fairly established methods for separating actinide isotopes from e.g. environmental and nuclear decommissioning samples. The tested separation method includes iron hydroxide co-precipitation of actinide isotopes and radiochemical separation of Pu and Am with extraction chromatography resins TEVA and DGA. The obtained practical experiences and analytical performance for Pu and Am are discussed in this report and the findings suggest that the development and testing of the separation method should be continued with more solid sample materials.
Keywords:Intercomparison; actinides; extraction chromatography; separation method; environmental sample; plutonium; americium
Publication date:29 Jan 2021
Number of downloads:953
Download:pdf NKS-442.pdf
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