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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, Technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-441
Report Title:DTM-Decom II - Intercomparison exercise in analysis of DTM in decommissioning waste
Activity Acronym:DTM-Decom II
Authors:Anumaija Leskinen, Merja Tanhua-Tyrkkö, Susanna Salminen-Paatero, Julia Laurila, Kristian Kurhela, Xiaolin Hou, Filippa Stenberg Bruzell, Tommy Suutari, Satu Kangas, Satu Rautio, Cato Wendel, Marie Bourgeaux-Goget, Joe Moussa, Solveig Stordal, Ingunn Isdahl, Celine Gautier, Elodie Laporte, Margaux Giuliani, Jacques Bubendorff, Pascal Fichet,
Abstract:An intercomparison exercise was carried out for difficult to measure radionuclides in activated concrete samples. The results were analysed accorging to ISO 13528 standard. The performance assessment was carried out using z score. Report includes an overview of the radioanalytical procedures, preliminary and final results, and preformance assessments.
Keywords:Decommissioning, Difficult-to-measure radionuclides, intercomparison, activated concrete
Publication date:07 Jan 2021
Number of downloads:1066
Download:pdf NKS-441.pdf
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