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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Severe accidents
Report Number:NKS-440
Report Title:Scenarios and Phenomena Affecting Risk of Containment Failure and Release Characteristics
Activity Acronym:SPARC
Authors:Weimin Ma, Peng Yu, Yangli Chen, Sachin Thakre, Yan Xiang, Qiang Guo, Yucheng Deng, Andrei Komlev, Walter Villanueva, Sevostian Bechta, Tuomo Sevón, Sara Ojalehto, Anna Korpinen,
Abstract:The objectives of the project “Scenarios and Phenomena Affecting Risk of Containment Failure and Release Characteristics”, dubbed SPARC, is to produce new data as well as to develop models and methodologies for addressing severe accident scenarios and phenomena which are important to assess the risk of containment failure and radioactivity release in postulated severe accidents of Nordic nuclear power plants. In 2019 substantial advances and achievements in experimental and analytical capabilities as well new insights into physical mechanisms were gained at KTH and at VTT for: (i) experimental development and analysis of melt pool heat transfer; (ii) modeling and analysis of ex-vessel debris bed coolability; (iii) experimental study on melt coolant interaction and debris formation using metallic melt; (iv) development of a parametric code for estimating melt pool heat transfer and its application in vessel failure analysis; (v) experimental study on oxidation of metallic droplets; (vi) investigation of the effect of seawater on quenching of a hot sphere; (vii) analysis of the Fukushima accident using the MELCOR code; and (viii) CFD analyses of heat transfer in a melt pool with OpenFOAM. This report summarizes the main advancements and findings. More details can be found in the relevant publications as listed in References.
Keywords:Severe accident, melt pool heat transfer, debris coolability, fuel coolant interaction, MELCOR simulation.
Publication date:07 Jul 2020
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-532-8
Number of downloads:1251
Download:pdf NKS-440.pdf
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