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NKS Programme Area:
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-407
Report Title:Nordic Exercise for Unmanned Systems
Activity Acronym:NEXUS
Authors:Magnus Gårdestig, Kasra Tazmani, Dag Robøle, Jon Drefvelin, Juha Röning, Marko Kauppinen, Karl Östlund,
Abstract:The NORDUM exercise was the first joint Nordic exercise for unmanned systems. The NEXUS exercise further expanded the challenges to urban environments, contaminated fields and scenarios for fixed wing systems. A seminar was held at the end of the field activities such that teams had a chance to present their results, discuss challenges and successes, and present future plans. The Nordic countries have a growing competence in radiation measurements utilizing unmanned aircraft systems. This NKS activity have strongly benefited the Nordic exchange and growth of knowledge and experiences in the topic. The use of fixed wing platforms was tested and demonstrated briefly. The use of fixed wing UAV platforms could fill a gap between rotary wing UAS and full scale fixed wing systems in surveying larger areas. The use of unmanned measurements in urban environments was tested and demonstrated in two scenarios, the oriental market and the 2-storey building. In particular the scenario around the 2-storey building demonstrated the 3D survey advantages with rotary wing systems. Survey of contaminated areas in contrast to separate point sources was tested and demonstrated in the scenario with the contaminated area with dispersed activity in a pattern. The aim to have team’s report to reach back failed, presumably due to lack of time and preparations. This is something to develop since the end result should be decision support. The capacities in the Nordic countries is still in development, but the exercise demonstrated that it is an ongoing development. This form of arrangement with an exercise in an area where the teams can see each other’s approach and solutions is most inspiring for the exchange and growth of knowledge.
Keywords:Drone, exercise, radiation measurement, UAS, mapping
Publication date:04 Apr 2018
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-496-3
Number of downloads:1994
Download:pdf 111010214694248.pdf
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