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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-400
Report Title:Early Phase Source Term Estimation From Gamma Spectra (EPHSOGAM)
Activity Acronym:EPHSOGAM
Authors:M. Dowdall, J.E. Dyve, H. Klein, T. Peltonen, C. Israelson, M. Eriksson, G. Jónsson,
Abstract:As evidenced by the Fukushima Accident and events during 2017 in relation to 131I and 106Ru, estimation of the release term in the early phases of a nuclear accident is fraught with difficulties. Provision of an early estimate of quantitative and qualitative information regarding a release establishes a firm foundation for early actions and underpins the ultimate response measures implemented. Early phase monitoring data facilitates the drawing of conclusions regarding the nature of a release, its duration, possible location etc. The EPHSOGAM activity was aimed at the provision of a fit-for-purpose, robust and comprehensive virtual exercise for personnel involved in early phase response. The activity involved the dissemination of technical materials, derived from a simulated incident, from which participants were required to generate an estimate of the release location, amount of activity released and any other information they were fit to provide. The technical data included meteorological and gamma spectrometric data typically available in the aftermath of an incident and the activity tested various aspects of the abilities of the participant organisations. A description of the materials provided, their development and the participants responses are provided. The results highlight the complex interplay between a variety of factors affecting the participants abilities with respect to release location and characterisation of the release.
Keywords:Dispersion modelling, back-trajectories, gamma spectrometry
Publication date:21 Dec 2017
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-488-8
Number of downloads:1879
Download:pdf NKS-400.pdf
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