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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-391
Report Title:COASTEX Exercise Guide. Report no. 2 from the NKS-B COASTEX activity
Activity Acronym:COASTEX
Authors:Inger Margrethe H. Eikelmann, Øyvind Gjølme Selnæs, Anna Nalbandyan, Øyvind Aas-Hansen, Helmuth Zika, Michael Wallin, Kjartan Guðnason, Jeppe Vöge Jensen, Tone D. Bergan,
Abstract:There is a notable maritime traffic of nuclear-powered civilian vessels (icebreakers and cargo ships), nuclear-powered military vessels and maritime transports of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials along the Nordic coastlines and in the Arctic. This traffic represents a risk for potential accidents and events resulting in radioactive contamination and spread of radioactive materials into the Nordic and Arctic marine and terrestrial environments. These kinds of events request a good preparedness, possibility for a direct cooperation between neighbouring countries as well as interaction, assistance and coordinated activities to manage the situation, including mitigation. In 2015, the NKS-B NORCOP-COAST project identified several needs for further improvement of maritime emergency preparedness and cooperation, including the need for definition of relevant scenarios with follow-up exercises in the Nordic countries. To address this issue, the NKS-B COASTEX project (Scenarios and table top exercise concept on events related to traffic of nuclear-powered vessels and transportation of spent nuclear fuel along the Nordic coastline) was initiated. This report is the second of the three reports of the NKS-B COASTEX project. It provides a guide on how to structure an exercise when it comes to types of exercises, exercise elements, scenarios and scenario elements - in order to establish a common platform for developing of exercises in Nordic countries and harmonise further Nordic cooperation in emergency preparedness, related to maritime traffic and activities along the Nordic coastlines, and in the Arctic region. The report describes how to facilitate timely, effective and compatible exercises on decision making by response organisations in emergency situations. For relevant maritime accident scenarios, it is suggested to read the Report no. 1 – “COASTEX Scenario Report”. The NKS-B COASTEX project implementation is summarised in the Report no. 3 – “Final report from the NKS-B project COASTEX”.
Keywords:Nordic coastline, the Arctic, maritime accident scenarios, nuclear emergencies, scenario elements, radioactive cargo, radioactive sources, nuclear icebreaker, nuclear-powered vessels, floating nuclear power plant, cross-border preparedness.
Publication date:16 May 2017
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-478-9
Number of downloads:1331
Download:pdf NKS-391.pdf
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